New! Hand-held PID-based GC

Our new Model PID GC 121 was introduced this month at the New England local section American Industrial Hygiene Association (NEAIHA) all-day conference and at the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) Fall Conference. 

This photoionization detector (PID) based hand-held analyzer uses a gas chromatograph (GC) to separate a variety of toxic chemicals present in the workplace at chemical manufacturing facilities, refineries, plants, emergency response situations, laboratories and all other operations that require monitoring of processes for industrial hygiene worker health and environmental safety applications.

The PID GC 121 is a highly customized analyzer. There are over 250 chemical compounds that can be detected using a PID. When coupled with a GC, this PID can deliver specific direct reading results for similar chemical compounds within the same detection range. This would eliminate the need for the common costly gas detection consumable items like detector tubes. Instead of scrubbing out other chemical compounds present in the sample, the Model 121 actually measures all of the media present and provides specific detection and identification of each chemical present in the sample. 

The Model 121 is designed for rugged field use and is simple to use and maintain with minimal training required. Real-time data is stored and collected on the unit and can be sent to an external monitoring system/PC/tablet via Bluetooth. 

Discussion about particular applications and desired species to be monitored needs to occur with one of our specialists to determine the lamp and GC capillary/packed column match. For example: the unit can be optimized for a ppb Benzene specific analysis or modified for BTEX measurements. Other typical applications include: vinyl chloride, ethylene dichloride, ethylene oxide, hydrazine, acrylonitrile, arsine, phosphine, hydrogen sulfide and so many more! 

Inquire today about how you can add the Model 121 to your gas detection tool-kit. Contact Jack Driscoll or Jennifer Maclachlan for more information at or via phone at 774-413-5281 X0. 


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