NESACS is a FINALIST in SIX Chemluminary Award categories at #ACSPhilly 2016

The Northeastern Local Section of the American Chemical Society has been selected as a finalist for the following ChemLuminary Award(s) on Tuesday August 23, 2016 in Philadelphia, PA:

  1. Outstanding Local Section Industry Event
  2. Outstanding Local Section Career Program Award
  3. Local Section Partnership Award
  4. Outstanding Continuing Public Relations Program of a Local     Section
  5. Outstanding Local Section Younger Chemists Committee
  6. Outstanding or Creative Local Section Younger Chemists Committee Event

The 2015 self-nominations for the ChemLuminary Awards were an exemplary team effort led by 2015 NESACS Chair, Kathy Lee. The events showcased in our section's nominated events as well as those that made it to the finals, were led by a diverse group of NESACS leadership that engaged the greater NESACS membership and beyond in Local Section Activities.

We will participate in the poster session prior to the awards ceremony and watch for this post to be updated to include background about our finalist events.
-Jennifer Maclachlan, Member, NESACS Public Relations Committee and Jack Driscoll, Chair, NESACS Public Relations Committee



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