Mock HazWaste Site/Emergency Response Activity at University of Rhode Island

I had the opportunity to attend and observe the mock hazwaste site emergency response activity yesterday at the University of Rhode Island (URI), where our long-time client, Corey Briggs of Environ, was conducting the final exam for the course he teaches: GEO 590 - Environmental Hazards and Response. 

L to R: Corey Briggs, Jennifer Maclachlan and Pete Bonk at URI
mock hazwaste site emergency response activity


We answered the Call-to-Action that our New England Local Section of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (NEAIHA) put out last Fall seeking equipment donations for this course: GE 590. We donated an HNU PID 
Model 102 photoionization detector to URI (green hand-held analyzer shown right). This unit was used throughout the course and during the drill to take ambient air measurements, to measure the concentrations of the chemicals from the drums and for leak detection from the "abandoned" drums. 

Students "suiting up" for the drill

Site preparation with respirators

Student using our HNU PID during

With the respirator on,
the student unlocks drum lid and
uses the HNU PID
to take a reading

View of the mock site setup at URI during the drill activity. Students were communicating  and receiving instructions from remote members of their teams via radio.

Students working together, taking and recording readings with the HNU PID and the combustible gas meter at the site of the "abandoned leaking" drums on the mock hazwaste site


GEO 590 - Environmental Hazards and Response 
Spring 2014 M 4:30-7:30 PM , CBLS 010
Instructor: Corey Briggs, CIH, CIT
contact person: Anne Veeger
Planning a career in environmental work that includes working on hazardous waste sites?
Employees involved in assessment, clean-up and remediation actions on hazardous waste sites must, according to OHSA's HAZWOPER standard, complete a 40-hour HAZWOPER course that covers regulations, hazards, monitoring, and personal protection. This 3-credit course covers all required topics, including a mock Hazwaste site/emergency response activity. The course will be taught by Mr. Corey Briggs, CIH, CET, CIT, ENVIRON International Corporation.
Students who complete the required 40 hours of class time, pass the final exam, and complete the mock HazWaste Site/Emergency Response Activity will be 40-hour HAZWOPER certified.
Note: Class is limited to 25 students. Preference will be given to graduating seniors and graduate students in their final year of study. Others will be given a permission number on a space available basis.
Course requirements:
Reference Text: Environmental Health and Safety for Hazardous Waste Sites

Written by Richard C. Barth, Patricia D. George, and Ronald H. Hill 
Personal gear bag: $75 (assessed as a course fee) this covers cost of safety equipment (respirator, Type suit, gloves, etc.) required for training and mock response activity.
Medical Clearance for Respirator Use: OSHA requires that workers receive medical clearance for respirator use. Please see OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation for the form you are asked to complete. We are working with Health Services to identify have these forms reviewed by a medical professional. You may also contact your personal physician who can provide a written recommendation (see this OSHA link for information).
Interested in taking this course? contact: Associate Dean Anne Veeger.
Dr. Anne I. Veeger
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
College of the Environment and Life Sciences
The University of Rhode Island
421 Center for Biotechnology and Life Sciences (CBLS)
120 Flagg Road
Kingston, RI 02881
401-874-4184 (ph)
401-874-9107 (fax)


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