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SCHB wins two ChemLuminary Awards in Indianapolis

Written for Small Chem Biz Spring 2014 Issue
By: Jennifer Maclachlan, Public Relations Chair, SCHB

There was a tie for Outstanding Collaboration Between a Local Section and Division at the 15th Annual ChemLuminary Awards ceremony at the ACS Fall National Meeting in Indianapolis on September 10, 2013. It was truly a win-win situation for the ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses who claimed both awards from the Divisional Activities Committee side: one for partnering with the ACS Georgia Local Section and the the second for partnering with the Northeastern Local Section.

About the award winning activity: ACS-GLS and SCHB
The Chemical Businesses Group of the ACS Georgia Local Section organized an entrepreneurial networking event that featured a Showcase of 18 small chemical businesses within their local section on November 9, 2012, hosted by Kennesaw State University, in cooperation with, the ACS Georgia Local Section Academia/Industry Forum. According to Deanna Morrow Hall, one of the organizers,  this event was an "enormous opportunity to raise the visibility of the area’s chemical businesses". The Academia/Industry Forum included talks on research collaborations between universities and industry focusing on patenting inventions, developing a commercial product, and government regulations. Innovative Project Grant (IPG) funding was used for the Local Chemical Businesses Showcase with the goal of developing membership by creating a networking venue for current and prospective members in the chemical enterprise via the small chemical business ShowcaseThis award was one of six that the ACS-Georgia Local Section won at the 2013 Chemluminary awards.

Photo credit: Peter Cutts Photography
L to R:
Sharon Vercellotti, Stan Seelig, Lynn Sullivan, Mitchell Bruce, Joe Sabol, Mike Morello, Mukund Chorghade and Tom Barton
About the award winning activity: NESACS and SCHB
The Northeastern Local section in cooperation with the ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses and Nova Biomedical with financial support from the NESACS Government Relations Committee, organized a day long symposium on October 11, 2012 titled: Starting and Financing a Small Chemical Business. The program included a summary of the ACS Entrepreneurial Initiative, programs available from the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center, the start-up of Nova Biomedical in the 1970s, conventional  and SBA financing. Other subjects included advantages of executive education for technical/scientific entrepreneurs, non dilutive and dilutive equity funding and enlightening talks on the advantages of tweeting and utilizing other social media platforms for marketing a small chemical business. True Stories of Chemical Entrepreneurs, an SCHB flagship symposium at ACS National and Regional Meetings, debuted at this local section symposium and featured four NESACS members and their fascinating true stories ranging from working with Senators Kennedy and Dole to get government R&D funding for small businesses in the early 1980s to the start-up of a contract drug discovery company in the Boston area. The evening portion of the event was the NESACS Monthly Meeting honoring the 50, 60 and 70 year ACS members. 

Photo credit: Peter Cutts Photography
L to R:
Mike Morello, Sharon Vercellotti, Jennifer Maclachlan, Joe Sabol, Stan Seelig, Mukund Chorghade, Mitchell Bruce, Jack Driscoll and Tom Barton.
Stay tuned: On April 9, 2014, Nova Biomedical is hosting the ACS Entrepreneurial Resource Center Showcase East business pitching competition in cooperation with the ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses and the Northeastern Local Section. If you wish to attend this event, contact Jennifer Maclachlan at

Partner with the ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses: Contact Mukund Chorghade at to partner with us on entrepreneurial local section events and/or to collaborate with us on symposia at National or Regional Meetings. 

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