Thursday, April 25, 2013

Frederick F. Spaziani Memorial Award 2013

Frederick F. Spaziani Memorial Award 2013


The Frederick F. Spaziani Memorial Award 2013 
scholarship is awarded by a Suffolk University faculty committee to one full-time and one part-time student in the Chemistry, Physics and/or Engineering program on the basis of merit. 

2013 awardees are both on the Astrophysics Track: Casey Myers and Elizabeth Rodriguez.  Jack Driscoll will be there to award Casey and Elizabeth tonight, April 25, 2013 at the C. Walsh Theatre.


Prashant Sharma, Chair Physics Dept at Suffolk U, Casey Myers, 2013 Spaziani Memorial Award recipient and Jack Driscoll, Spaziani Memorial Award Administrator. 

Both award recipients submitted essays that illustrated their creative use of physics.
Casey employed some culinary physics to save prep time while working as a pizza chef in high school. "Everything we see around us in the natural world can be explained using physics. Physics is my passion because the world is my event, and I will always ask the question why".
This is the second consecutive year that Elizabeth is a Spaziani award recipient. Elizabeth's essay details her experience as a Suffolk University teaching assistant who developed curriculum and led an astrophysics field trip for non-science majors to the Suffolk University Maine Campus Friedman Field Station. In her words: "In the end, most of the students were able to find most of the objects on the list by using all of the equipment and trying to be creative with the telescopes in order to achieve this". 
Congratulations to Casey and Elizabeth! We are honored to present each of you with the 2013 Spaziani Memorial Award. 

Fred Spaziani co-founded of  HNU Systems, Inc. with Jack Driscoll in 1973. Together they developed the first commercial photoionization detector that is now the most important method for measuring volatile organic compounds. Fred left us at too early an age and the award is to help students in science or engineering reach their full potential.

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