Portable GC offers high performance onsite analysis in real-time

Real-time detection system for coal gas monitoring. This video was taken at the 2010 American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition in Denver, CO. The presenter, Dr. Jack Driscoll describes our Model 312 portable gas chromatograph and how it is used for real-time detection in coal mines in China. What is so unique about this application? Our detector technology.

Last year Jack presented our Model 322 compact fast lab GC at the Real-Time Detection Systems podium session in Portland, OR. Read more here.

This June we're heading to Indianapolis to assist with the Professional Development Courses (4-Gas/PID for Field Use and Methods and Applications for Exposure Assessment Chemical Detection in Real-Time  ) and to present  at the Real-Time Detection Systems Podium Session and the *Enlighten me but make it quick* Ignite Session
Our friend and colleague Phil Smith and Jack Driscoll working on the fast GC Winter 2012


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