AIHCE Soap Box Controversial topic: FAST GC in IH?

If you are in Denver at the Colorado Convention Center at AIHCE today then make sure to check out the EXPO THEATRE located on the show floor at 2:30pm today for the AIHCE SOAP BOX TALKS. Dr. Jack Driscoll of PID Analyzers (AIHCE) and Dr. Phil Smith of Uniformed Services University will be "on the AIHCE Soap Box" talking about their super fast, ovenless GC...this is amazing stuff...these guys think that faster methods and more accurate analyses are needed for Industrial Hygienists; "How can these be applied? The long capillary columns provide much better resolution (better separation) 30 M as opposed to 10 M. Lager sample size provides improved detection limits, faster programming and shorter times means more samples can be taken". The actual presentation from today's talk is available below. Interested in the fast GC? Contact Jack Driscoll.
Soap Box Presentation Fast GC(2)


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