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Continuous Monitoring of Soil Gas by PID/FID Analyzers

Updated January 4, 2014:
This paper, Monitoring of Soil Gas Extraction and Soil Gas by PID and FID Analyzers,  has been published and is available for purchase by going to theASTM Internationallink here.

Accepted for presentation at ASTM International Symposium at the January 2013 Committee Week Title:Symposium on Continuous Soil Gas Measurements: Worst Case Risk ParametersDates: Wednesday January 30 2013
Location: Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront; Jacksonville, FL 
Event Name: January 2013 Committee Week

Continuous Monitoring of Soil Gas by PID/FID Analyzers Dr. John N.Driscoll PID Analyzers, LLC
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Portable raman spectrometer for forensic and security applications

PID Analyzers, LLC introduces a portable raman spectrometer ideal for use by first responders, for drug enforcement applications, explosives detection and forensic identification of *unknowns*.
We have had extensive experience supplying forensic equipment to the Indonesian National Police as well as experience with applied spectroscopy
Portable Raman Spectrometer